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April 23 to 25, 2024

Save the date: German Tree Care Conference 2025: May 6 to 8

Corona: the German Tree Care Conference 2020 is cancelled

The Corona epidemic has now reached the German Tree Care Conference! Until this week we have worked hard to ensure that our conference can take place despite this epidemic. As you have certainly heard from the media, all major events with more than 1000 participants are now to be cancelled. For this reason, whether we like it or not, we too must cancel our conference.
For 2021 the German Tree Care Conference in Augsburg is planned for May 4-6. We would like to ask you to make a note of this date now.
We are planning to cancel your bookings as a participant or exhibitor as follows:

  1. bookings made from Friday, 06.03. 2020 onwards have not yet been entered into the internal organiser system and are therefore invalid. No actions on our side are necessary.
  2. participants and exhibitors who have booked until 05.03. 2020 but have not yet received an invoice will receive a message from us that their booking has been cancelled.
  3. participants and exhibitors who have already received an invoice should NOT remit it!
    We will send a letter about the cancellation, which releases the invoice recipient from your payment obligation.
  4. participants and exhibitors who have already paid their fees will receive a credit note from us and thereafter their fees will be refunded in total. This message is very important to the organizer.

Please give us time to work on the many individual requests.

If you need other procedures than those listed above for your internal processing, please contact the office.
We will also be happy to answer any questions that we are currently not considering ;)