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April 23 to 25, 2024


Exhibition Booking Portal - Opening for Exhibitors

01 November 2023
The portal for the exhibitor bookings of the "German Tree Care Conference 2024" is set to open 06.12. 2023. This can be accessed via our homepage Here it will be possible for all interested parties to book their exhi...

Information for the exhibitors

01 November 2023
This year we are receiving very early requests for the booth booking form for 2024. We are currently developing a new booking system for the trade show in Augsburg. For 2024, all booths, technical equipment and furniture will be booked through thi...

German Tree Care Conference 2024 submit proposals for short presentations

15 May 2023
After the successful conclusion of the German Tree Care Conference this year, preparations for next year's conference are already in full swing! We will again offer the opportunity to present the results of current scientific and research in Augsb...

Selected presentations from the Climbing Forum soon on video

27 May 2022
Soon we will publish 7 full-length presentations of the Climbing Forum. These presentations can be viewed for a fee. The presentations will be available in German and English

Submit proposals for short presentations

17 May 2022
After this year's German Tree Care Conference, the planning for next year's conference continues immediately. The contents of the former scientific poster session will then be given more space: Instead of an exhibition, there shall be correspondin...

No more restrictions because of Corona

19 April 2022
::cck::278::/cck::::fulltext::As of Sunday, 4/3/2022, the new Federal Infection Control Act is in effect. Many of the previous protections such as 3G or 2G regulations, capacity restrictions, distance requirements have been removed. The requiremen...

Free entry for Ukrainian arborists!

06 March 2022
The German Tree Care Conference from May 10-12, 2022 is just around the corner and the organization for it is running on full speed. At the same time, the current situation in Ukraine overshadows everything. This also affects us personally. While ...